Basic Education Handbook

Legal literacy is an essential tool of rights-based struggles. This is the purpose of the Basic Education Rights Handbook. It aims to empower communities, school governing bodies, principals, teachers and learners to understand education law and policy, and to know when learners’ rights have been violated and what steps are required to protect those rights.

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SECTION27 2018 Review

Our evolution as an organisation has been measured and well thought through. It has guided by our board and our newly appointed executive committee. We continue to be catalysts for social justice who aim to create a revolution in the basic education and health. The cover aims to depict the theme of our annual review, combining the two concepts of evolution and revolution.

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Towards Safe and Decent School Sanitation in Limpopo

If we, as the South African state, cannot include in our list of absolute priorities the provision of dignified and safe toilets to young children attending school, what kind of democracy can we really claim to be? Surely not one which genuinely values its most vulnerable services. This is the question that underpins this comprehensive report which has been compiled by SECTION27.

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People's Country Operational Plan on HIV and TB

With only a year until 2020 – and the deadline to reach the 90-90-90 targets – South Africa is dangerously off track. Currently 7.1 million people are living with HIV in the country. New HIV infections remain high, according to the Thembisa model1 at 275 000 in 2017, higher than the 231 000 estimated in the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) survey.

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Health Market Inquiry