Monthly Archives: August 2012

PRESS STATEMENT: Seven questions the Portfolio Committee on Education should ask about the Limpopo catch-up plan

The National Portfolio Committee on Education is meeting this morning to discuss the catch-up plan developed by the National Department of Basic Education. The Portfolio Committee allegedly rejected the plan last week on the basis that it was inadequate and did not sufficiently address the prejudice suffered by learners due to the lack of textbooks for over half of the academic year.

Press Release: Public health, human rights and justice at the heart of case before the Constitutional Court

A case coming before the Constitutional Court holds serious consequences for public health and the fight against TB in South Africa. South Africa has one of the highest incidence rates of TB in the world. TB is the leading cause of death in South Africa and has been for many years. HIV co-infection and the increasing prevalence of drug resistant TB add to the urgency of addressing the TB epidemic. Doing so should be a top priority of the state.

Eastern Cape High Court orders the appointment of teachers in the Eastern Cape

The judgment of the Eastern Cape High Court, handed down on 3rd August 2012, is a groundbreaking vindication of the state’s duties to ensure children have a basic education.
SECTION27 salutes the Centre for Child Law, a number of School Governing Bodies from schools in the Eastern Cape and their legal team, the Legal Resources Centre (LRC), for this important victory for the rights of learners to learn and teachers to teach.