Yearly Archives: 2013

SECTION27 Comment on Draft Terms of Reference for Market Inquiry

SECTION27 has sent a submission to the Competition Commission on the draft Terms of Reference for the Market Inquiry into the Private Health care Sector . It was endorsed by the Black Sash and by the Rural Health Advocacy Project. SECTION27’s recent…

Press statement: SECTION27 congratulates Competition Commission on recent successes

SECTION27 congratulates the Competition Commission of South Africa on its recent groundbreaking and far-reaching successes in prosecuting anti-competitive behavior in the telecoms and construction sectors. Both these sectors are integral in improving the lives of South Africans through their role in information provision and communication (on the part of Telkom) and infrastructure development (by construction companies).

Statement: SECTION27 welcomes the judgement from the Supreme Court of the United States in USAID vs AOSI

SECTION27 welcomes the judgment from the Supreme Court of the United States in USAID v AOSI. The judgment declared a law making the denunciation of sex work a requirement to be eligible to receive funding from the US to combat HIV an unconstitutional violation of the right to freedom of speech. The judgment opens the door for much needed and previously prohibited work to realize the rights of sex workers and other people living with HIV or at risk of becoming infected with HIV.

SA AIDS Conference 2013 update: TAC receives the Dira Sengwe Award and issues statement

The 6th South African AIDS Conference opened last night in Durban. Sifiso Nkala of the TAC took the stage and accepted the Dira Sengwe Leadership Award on behalf of the TAC. The award “recognises ethical beacons and leaders in AIDS” and was awarded to the TAC in recognition of its critical role in the HIV movement since its inception.

The conference, as the HIV movement more broadly, must be led by the people for whom the ideas and decisions discussed at it mean the most – people living with HIV, yet Sifiso was the only person openly living with HIV to share the stage at the opening ceremony. In the tradition of TAC activism, Sifiso took the opportunity of TAC’s receipt of the award to address the conference audience of around 2500 on the challenges that cripple the health system, cost lives and show that the end of AIDS is not so near as some would have us believe.