Mark Heywood, Executive Director of SECTION27, intends to step down from this leadership position in early 2018. Co-founded by Mark and Adila Hassim seven years ago, the public interest law centre, SECTION27 is now at the forefront of the fight for social justice, human rights and equality under law. The organisation is led by a professional team of strong, passionate, dynamic and exceptional lawyers, researchers, activists and administrators.

As Head of the AIDS Law Project, the predecessor to SECTION27, Mark led the evolution of the organisation into one that could tackle socio-economic rights issues more broadly, particularly the rights of access to health care services and basic education.  Now, after over 20 years of intensive and significant engagement, Mark wishes to pass the baton to new leadership. He plans to take on further challenges in partnership with SECTION27 and other civil society entities.

Recruitment for a suitable Executive Director commences immediately.

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