SECTION27 has today made a submission on the proposed taxation of sugar sweetened beverages. In summary, our view is as follows. Overweight, obesity and related ill health are serious health problems and the need to tackle them is obvious. They are also largely preventable.

Decreasing the cost of treating preventable illness through taxing a causal factor to prevent that illness is a measure available to the state progressively to realise these rights. 


SECTION27’s “Our Week Ahead” is an attempt to share with the public, the media and our partners some of our plans and activities for the week – we hope it will give you a glimpse into our world and encourage you to join us on our journey.

This week we are going to the streets. Marching, mobilising, and more than anything else, demanding change and access to quality healthcare for all.

Monday 26 -30 September : SECTION27 and the Treatment Action Campaign will conduct EMS monitoring in Isilimela and Lusikisiki in addition, members of ECHCAC will meet with management at Isilimela Hospital to discuss the issues faced by the community in accessing quality healthcare in the area including ambulances, medicine stock outs and human resources for health.



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