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National Health Bill, 2002

The AIDS Law Project (ALP), AIDS Consortium (Consortium) and the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) welcome the release of the draft National Health Bill (the NHB or the Bill), published for public comment on 9 November 2001, and to be tabled in Parliament later this year.

Debunking “Conglomo talk”

A case study of the amicus curiae as an instrument for advocacy, investigation and mobilization (2001) 5(2) Law , Democracy and Development 133 by Mark Heywood debunkingConglomotalk.pdf

Siyayinqoba Beat It! 2000 Episode 10 – Special Report

In this episode of Beat It! broadcast we looked at the victory for People Living with HIV/AIDS in the Constitutional Court. The court ruled that pre-employment testing was discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional.