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Right to basic education, Vuwani

This article first appeared on The Daily Maverick All photos by SECTION27. If you had asked most South Africans a fortnight ago where Vuwani was, smart money would be on very few knowing. It is a testament to the heartbreaking chaos…

Radiologists ask panel for help on pricing

The Health Market Inquiry panel has its work cut out to determine the true state of pricing in the private healthcare sector. This week’s public hearings concluded with submissions from the Radiological Society of South Africa (RSSA) and Mediscor PBM….

Burning the right to education

Joint statement: Burning the right to education Makhado, Limpopo, 5 May 2016 – The burning of schools in Vuwani, Limpopo deprives learners of the right to a basic education as enshrined in the Constitution. As well as infrastructure and sanitation…