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Joint statement issued by the Department of Basic Education and SECTION27 on the release of the Limpopo textbook delivery verification report

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) and SECTION27 published the report compiled by Professor Mary Metcalfe and her team following their investigation to verify the state of the delivery of textbooks to schools serving Grade 1-3 and Grade 10 learners in Limpopo Province.
We have accepted the findings and recommendations of Professor Metcalfe, which we set out in the report.

SECTION27 Statement on Report by Professor Mary Metcalfe Verifying the Delivery of Textbooks to Limpopo Schools in terms of the Order of the North Gauteng High Court

SECTION27 and the Department of Basic Education released the ‘verification report’ into the delivery of textbooks to learners in grades 1-3 and grade 10 in Limpopo Schools.We thank Professor Metcalfe and her team. Not only have they done a great amount of work in the last two weeks, but they have made a personal sacrifice out of a commitment to the right to basic education.

SECTION27’s intention is not to vilify any particular person. However, we maintain our position that once the National Executive (Cabinet) decided to intervene in Limpopo under s100(1)(b) of the Constitution they assumed, through the DBE, full responsibility for meeting minimum standards for the delivery of basic education services within the Province.


SECTION27 together with the Department of Basic Education will release the report on the verification of textbook delivery in Limpopo conducted by Professor Mary Metcalfe and her verification team at 12h45 today, Monday 16th July, at SECTION27’s offices: 6th Floor, Braamfontein Centre, 23 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein.

Minister of Basic Education treats education of learners and the legal system with utter contempt

Today was meant to be the day that the vital hearing of the case on teacher post provisioning would be heard in the Eastern Cape High Court, Grahamstown. Hundreds of thousands of learners’ education depends on a positive outcome to this case, and a finding as to whether the provincial and national government have violated their rights.
However, once again the Minister of Basic Education and her department treated the court, and all the parties before the court, with contempt.