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The International Trade Union Confederation addresses letter to the Ministry of Labour and Emir of Qatar in regard to severe discrimination on the basis of HIV status

“Mr”, a SECTION27 client, has faced severe discrimination by the State of Qatar and Al Jazeera English on the basis of his HIV status. The International Trade Union Confederation recently came to his support in a letter that begins:

“Your Majesty,

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), which represents 175 millions workers in 151 countries worldwide, is deeply concerned regarding the recent humiliating detention, dismissal and deportation of Mr, a South African Employee of Al Jazeera English Online (“Al-Jazeera”) on the basis of his HIV status. This violation was recently brought to our attention by SECTION27, a renowned South African human rights organization.”

Al Jazeera English (“Al Jazeera”) and State Of Qatar (“Qatar”) accused of human rights abuses of people living with HIV

On the eve of World AIDS Day we are publicising an important case concerning vicious and humiliating human rights abuses on the basis of a person’s HIV status by a respected international media organisation, Al Jazeera. These violations are contrary to key principles of South Africa’s own response to HIV as well as well as the strategy of the leading United Nations body dealing with HIV; the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) aims to achieve zero discrimination by 2015.

Enquiries: Contact Nikki Stein on 011 356 4100 or stein@section27.org.za stein@section27.org.za

SECTION27 PRESS ALERT: Al Jazeera English and State of Qatar accused of human rights abuses of people living with HIV

• Al Jazeera English and State of Qatar accused of violating rights of South African journalist living with HIV
• South African delegation to International Labour Organization (ILO) requested to file complaint against State of Qatar

On the eve of World AIDS Day 2011, SECTION27 invites you to a media conference that will provide details about how international TV news channel, Al Jazeera English, acted in concert with its owner, the State of Qatar, to violate the rights of a senior South African journalist.

Date: Wednesday, 30 November 2011
Time: 14h00
Venue: SECTION27, 6th floor, Braamfontein Centre, 23 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein

Organisations representing patients call for a minimum service level agreement (MSLA) or alternative mechanism to protect access to essential health care services

In 2007, 2009 and 2010 strikes took place in the public health sector which resulted in a serious disruption of health care services. Many users of the public health system were not able to access vital services or collect their medication. Earlier this year SECTION27 was approached by a number of concerned organisations, including Rural Doctors Association of South Africa (RuDASA) and the Rural Health Advocacy Project (RHAP) to assist in finding a resolution which recognises the right to strike and also protects patients’ rights and prevents loss of life or serious harm being suffered by patients during a strike.