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Press statement on Operation Fiela

Press statement: Civil society organisations address media on the ongoing raids targeting foreign nationals Johannesburg, 12 May 2015 – The recent spate of xenophobic attacks and the subsequent crackdown of Operation Fiela-Reclaim (“clean sweep”), in a show of institutional xenophobia,…

Violent riots further affirm the need to protect the right to health at Lindela—yet Home Affairs idles.

12 June 2012

On 28 May 2012, a group of organisations wrote to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) to request that it urgently investigate the state of health and health care service provision at Lindela Repatriation Centre (Lindela).

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), SECTION27, Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR), and People against Suffering, Oppression and Poverty (PASSOP) requested a response from the SAHRC by 11 June 2012. To date, they have not received a response.

Recent reports of violent protests within Lindela add even further urgency and credence to the request and the need to ensure that health and health rights are protected. Therefore, the organisations are now making the request public.

Read the complete statement and the full request to the SAHRC by clicking “read more” below

Press Release: AIDS Law Project calls for accuracy in reporting on Bishop Verryn

The AIDS Law Project (ALP) is concerned about irresponsible and inaccurate reporting that has taken place around the suspension of Bishop Paul Verryn as the Superintendent Minister of the Central Methodist Mission (CMM). Media reports have misleadingly suggested that the disciplinary charges are related to allegations of sexual abuse at the CMM.

Curator Appointed for Unaccompanied Children at the Central Methodist Church

Today the AIDS Law Project, represented on a pro bono basis by Bowman Gilfillan Attorneys, was admitted as a party in the application for the appointment of Dr Ann Skelton as a curator ad litem to represent the interests of unaccompanied children living at the Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg. A curator ad litem is appointed by the Court to legally represent people where they are unable to represent themselves.

Statement on resolving the refugee crisis at the Central Methodist Church, Johannesburg

Statement on resolving the refugee crisis at the Central Methodist Church, Johannesburg.
The following organizations would like to express our grave concerns regarding the humanitarian crisis that faces homeless people, particularly Zimbabwean migrants, who are seeking shelter at the Central Methodist Church (CMC) in downtown Johannesburg.