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Ongoing delays in the Health Market Inquiry impacts right to health

The findings and recommendations of the HMI are critical to the public debate on the National Health Insurance and the Medical Schemes Bills, and thus it is critical that these findings are made public as a matter of urgency. 

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Bonitas: Medical schemes are expensive

Bonitas explained that there has been an increase of approximately 52% in the cost per year, per beneficiary in terms of PMB claims. It added that the proportion of PMB claims in hospitals had increased more rapidly than for services provided outside of hospitals.

The explanation Bonitas proffered for this was “upcoding” by healthcare professionals, because schemes must pay on invoice in full and that “the PMBs have made South Africans Hospicentric”. The result is that “most of our members actually end up in hospital”, which Bonitas’s representative plainly admitted “is a problem”.

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