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CASAC intervenes in Solidarity’s attempt to undermine government measures to increase access to quality Basic Education.  

JOHANNESBURG, 20 JUNE we mark the 41st anniversary of the June 16 student uprising, the struggle for quality basic education continues. The Department of Basic Education has been called on to defend the legitimate measures behind a bursary scheme aimed at increasing the number of well-qualified, indigenous language teachers, particularly in rural areas.

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This World Refugee Day, in a country whose constitution makes clear provision for access to health care services for all, refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants in South Africa continue to face problems in accessing health care services.

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Our week ahead 19 – 23 June 2017

Monday 19th: This week, Field Researcher Solanga Milambo is visiting various schools in Limpopo, as part of the #TextbooksMatter Campaign. Despite countless court appearances the Department of Education in Limpopo, has still failed to deliver textbooks to schools. Solly is set to investigate reports from various schools about textbook shortages. Solly will also use the week to gather new information on the state of sanitation in various schools in the province, to see what progress has been made, particularly for those schools who were on the Departments Sanitation plan, to ensure better sanitation for learners.

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Coalition welcomes landmark Competition Commission probe into prices of cancer medicines

JOHANNESBURG, 13 JUNE 2017: The Fix the Patent Laws coalition welcomes the Competition Commission’s announcement earlier today that they will investigate the pricing of several cancer medicines in South Africa. This is a major victory in our struggle to ensure that all people in South Africa can access the medicines they need to stay healthy and alive.

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Our week ahead June 12th

Monday 12th
The SECTION27 Health Team is heading down to Durban for the annual AIDS conference. The team will attend various plenary and satellite sessions in the week. The team will also participate in various advocacy actions to highlight issues around HIV/AIDS and the right to healthcare, for people on the ground.

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HIV and TB in 2017: Time for Honesty and Transparency

We are a group of organisations and individuals concerned with the state of South Africa’s response to HIV and Tuberculosis (TB). We are worried that in a time when the HIV and TB response in South Africa should accelerate it may instead begin to unravel. The underlying reason for this danger is the ongoing and widespread dysfunction in the public healthcare system.

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Our week ahead 05 – 09 June 2017

After completing the Herculean task of running his 18thComrades Marathon, SECTION27 Executive Director Mark Heywood shifts into a different gear this week as we launch his new book, GET UP STAND UP: Personal Journeys towards Social Justice! Again, we will use this opportunity to raise funds for the work of SECTION27. The book is available on sale at the launches and online. Proceeds from the sale on 8 June will go to Friends of SECTION27.

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