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Op-Ed: Lost in the system – a young girl’s right to education

Despite the laws, systems and agents in place to develop, guide and protect the most vulnerable of children, there are many that fall victim to the state’s inadequacies. By SHENIECE LINDERBOOM.

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KZN healthcare services in a state of emergency

KwaZulu-Natal’s healthcare services are in a state of emergency with shocking details shared by health workers in the province. Reports reflect a collapsing health system which is in many cases no longer delivering adequate healthcare to the most vulnerable.

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Op-Ed: Is the observance of one religion at schools a form of religious apartheid?

A case that has the potential to clarify the appropriate role of religious observances in public schools is set to be heard in the Gauteng High Court early next week. It is unfortunate however that the case appears to have been largely characterised as being part of an “atheist” agenda seeking to “sanitise” all public schools of religion. By FARANAAZ VERIAVA.

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Government must ensure safe scholar transport as it is a right

SECTION27’s Pamela Choga and Bhavna Ramji reflect on the failures of the public transport system that have led to such tragedies as the Bronkhorstspruit accident of 21 April.

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