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Mark Heywood responds to evidence before Zondo Commission

As Adv Currin said at the beginning of his evidence, we have an enormous debt to the two ordinary people who became whistle-blowers, had their whole lives turned upside down, who are still in exile because they cannot feel safe in our country from the mafia tentacles of the Zupta network.

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It’s time to make safe school sanitation a national priority  

President Ramaphosa, we require a more precise definition of what “not fit for purpose” means. Do schools with collapsing brick and mortar cubicles qualify within this category?

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Civil society organisations welcome President Ramaphosa’s call for three month plan

Civil society has fought for years to ensure that school infrastructure receives priority attention from the department and we stand ready to assist government where possible to make sure that this expected plan for eradicating pit toilets is implemented as a matter of extreme urgency.

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