I started working at SECTION 27 on the 9th of January 2017.

I am an SLSJ (Students for Law and Social Justice) /SECTION 27 Fellow. I really love helping out people, and the work I do at SECTION 27 with the Public Health team is making a remarkable difference in many people’s lives.

I stick around because I have a burning passion for the development of indigent communities, as part of my involvement with SLSJ, I was one of the fellows that volunteered their Saturday mornings to offer their services to an NGO called the “Book Reading club” in East London. This is where we visited one of the local informal settlements and taught children from the ages of 6 years to 8 years how to read and write in English. I really enjoyed doing this; as a result, I implemented the same project in my own rural community.

I was also involved in the University of Fort Hare’s Know Your Constitution Campaign, we conducted the campaign at the Kei Road Community Advice Centre (King Williams Town). This is where we informed the elderly about the fundamental rights entrenched in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. I completed my LLB Degree at the University of Fort Hare.