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Alice Brown

Alice Brown is an international human rights advocate and an expert on the use of the law for the public good. She worked for the Ford Foundation for nearly two decades – many of these years were spent in leadership positions – engaging in innovative grant making to support visionaries working in crucial areas such as human rights, social justice, constitutions and reconciliation. Brown has supervised funding programmes with cumulative grant making of over $US100 million.

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  • Dear Mrs/Miss Brown

    I obtained your name from Dr Brian Brink ex Chief Medical Officer of Anglo American group. He has agreed along with Judge Edwin Cameron of the South African Constitutional Court and Rev Mpho Tutu to speak at a Confernce I am holding in Johannesburg on 17th April 2015. It deals with prejudice. Predjudice against people of same sex orientation, stigma attached to people living with HIV and substance abuse.

    I recently published a book titled ‘Secrets Make You Sick’ if you would like you can watch a short 2 minute trailer on my book at

    The website for the It’s OK Conference will supply you with more detail as to what the conference is covering.

    Being a gay man HIV+ I have first hand experience as to the difficulties one goes through especially in the workplace. Hence me targeting business leaders who are forward thinking to hopefully initiate change starting in the workplace, and hopefully this will have the domino effect into society.

    I also have the support of Mats Anlhund who is in Durban, South Africa putting the 2016 World AIDS Conference together.

    He has helped me tremendously. I have funded the development personally to this point but am requiring sponsorship from business and other organizations. It is a day conference and in total is costing just over R400,000.00 (+/- $40,000). I am hoping you can assist me in some way either through your organization or by directing me to people who you think would be interested.

    South Africa has this amazing constitution but sadly it does not roll out into the rural areas. Many of the rural black gay and HIV population are still demonized due to deep cultural beliefs. They then forced to leave the rural areas with the clothes on their backs and flee to the cities where they are then exposed to crime, drugs and prostitution to survive.

    By educating employers and then employees I believe a change will take place. Business leaders have the ability to help make this change.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Kind regards

    Trevor Kleinhans

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