I have been Executive Assistant to the Executive Director and Director of Litigation at SECTION27 since 25 January 2016.

My duties are to manage and maintain the Executives’ schedules, appointments and travel arrangements, to arrange and co-ordinate meetings and events, and record, transcribe and distribute minutes of meetings.

I stick around because my work offers me a great deal of learning experience and I enjoy working with the team at SECTION27.

Before I came to SECTION27, I got a BA degree in Political Science and English Literature and an LLB both from the University of the Witwatersrand. My human rights and social justice involvement began in 2014, when I joined Student for Law and Social Justice. I was portfolio head for legal education and we ran constitutional literacy service initiatives in high schools in the inner city of Johannesburg. In 2015, I interned for a year, at the Centre for Applied Legal Studies for the Access to Information Programme and then I came here to SECTION27.