I started working at SECTION27 on the 27th of October  2017

My job title is Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. The primary objective for my position is to develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework/system for SECTION27. Secondary objectives include the development and implementation of a knowledge management system and individual M+E plans for any externally funded programs of work/projects in which reports of specific activities and/or evaluation are required.

I stick around because I think SECTION27 is an amazing organisation and I am really lucky to have had the chance to come and work here and to live in and learn about South Africa and legal/social activism.

Immediately before coming to South Africa I had a volunteer assignment in Cambodia for a year where I was Management Advisor to HelpAge Cambodia. Prior to that I lived in Perth, Western Australia where I had two positions – Research Director at a national not-for-profit health and aged care provider and Professor at Curtin University.