I started working at SECTION27 on the 27th of October  2017.

I am an Australian volunteer sponsored by Australian Volunteers for International Development, an Australian government initiative.  My job title is Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. The primary objective for my position is to develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework/system for SECTION27. Secondary objectives include the development and implementation of a knowledge management system and individual M+E plans for any externally funded programs of work/projects in which reports of specific activities and/or evaluation are required.

I stick around because I think SECTION27 is an amazing organisation and I am really lucky to have had the chance to come and work here and to live in and learn about South Africa and legal/social activism.

Immediately before coming to South Africa I had a volunteer assignment in Cambodia for a year where I was Management Advisor to HelpAge Cambodia. Prior to that I lived in Perth, Western Australia where I had two positions – Research Director at a national not-for-profit health and aged care provider and Professor at Curtin University.