I’ve worked as Advocacy/Communications Officer since 16 January 2017.

Most of the work I’m doing at the moment is centred on sprucing up SECTION27’s website – making it more user friendly, adding content where it’s needed, shifting things about – I’m also doing social media upkeep and working on a few campaigns (Know Your Constitution, Sexual Violence in Schools, etc.) and otherwise just anything the Comms/Advocacy team throws my way. I’m still learning and enjoying the process of getting to know the organization and all the great people who work here.

I stick around because I love the work we do here, because it’s amazing to me to see people coming together to affect actual material change in people’s lives. I think a lot of people dream of making a difference but there is so seldom any concrete sense of what that means and I feel like I’m getting a chance to see that here.

Prior to coming here, I was studying Linguistics at UCT for what feels like a hundred years and doing various writing and editing jobs as well as tutoring at UCT. It was during my years at UCT that my belief in social justice started to take shape and during the years of #FeesMustFall that it began to find real direction. That was the first time that I really saw what collective action could do and just how much work needed to be done to begin improving the lives of the country’s majority.