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  • Roy Naicker says:

    I want our community watch programme to work with your support. How do we do that?
    Roy Naicker

  • Hi Mark,

    I have always found common grounds with your views on Daily Maverick and other platforms, especially your recent post on Steyn City.

    I wrote a freely available ebook Societal Renaissance, which is a vision statement of where I believe we should be heading as a South African society.

    I believe you would find much of interest within the book.

    I would appreciate some of your time to discuss with you.

    Thank you for feedback and kind regards,

  • Beatrix Wood says:

    Want to know if you can assist me, I caught seven top specialists lying to my face, the last one even refused to help me , me my mom and my daughter all fell sick, in august last year, lost my mom end of march, they had even my tests results falsified. And I am in excruciating pain, my ana blood test positive for 6 times, I have all the proof, but can’t find anyone to help me,

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