Sasha Stevenson is an attorney at SECTION27. Her work areas include the right of access to health care services, the right of access to food, and children’s rights to basic nutrition. Her health care work centres on the crisis in the Eastern Cape health care system, migrant health, and the path to National Health Insurance. She has also been involved in the establishment of the Stop Stockouts Project, a civil society initiative to monitor and address medicines stockouts throughout the country.

Sasha obtained a BA (Law and Politics), a BA(Honours) (Law and Politics), and an LLB from Rhodes University. She completed her articles at Bowman Gilfillan Attorneys, suspending her articles for a year to serve as a law clerk to Former Chief Justice Pius Langa at the Constitutional Court. Sasha spent most of her time at Bowman Gilfillan in the Public Employment Law team. From March 2011, Sasha worked for six months in the Trial Chamber at the International Criminal Court, The Hague. She then went on to the University of Cambridge where she obtained an LLM with a focus on human rights law. While at Cambridge, Sasha was awarded a Pegasus Scholarship that enabled her, before returning to South Africa, to work for three months in a number of top barristers’ chambers in London.