+ Budget Expenditure Monitoring Forum (BEMF)

IST reports on the state of the health system and the public's right to know

More than a year after their finalisation and after many frustrated attempts by civil society organisations and the media to access them – including through the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 – SECTION27 and the Rural Health Advocacy Project (RHAP) have finally been leaked copies of all the provincial reports compiled by the Integrated Support Teams (ISTs). Up to this point, the only report we have received officially is a consolidated report available here. This report is important, but lacks the necessary detail to allow civil society to engage with different challenges in different provinces.

The IST reports on each province were commissioned by the former Minister of Health, Barbara Hogan, in response to the massive budgetary shortfalls that over-whelmed provincial departments of health (PDoHs) in the 2008/2009 financial year, which reached crisis levels when the Free State Department of Health issued a moratorium on the initiation of new patients onto antiretroviral treatment in November 2008. After civil society pressure, that moratorium was finally lifted in February 2009.

3rd BEMF meeting: Problems of provincial health funding

The Budget and Expenditure Monitoring Forum (BEMF) held its third meeting on 21 May 2010. It brought together over 30 people from 10 organisations. The aim was to understand what civil society can do to ensure that the budgeting process –at the national and provincial levels– results in the appropriate allocation and use of financial resources to address health needs.

BEMF 2nd meeting: The treatment guidelines and the ARV tender – 5 February 2010

BEMF 2nd meeting: The treatment guidelines and the ARV tender – 5 February 2010.

  • Introductory Notes – Nathan Geffen
  • The New Treatment Guidelines – Francois Venter
  • Procuring High Quality ARVs at Internationally Competitive Prices – Vishal Brinjlal
  • Legislative Framework for Procurement – Jonathan Berger

BEMF Inaugural meeting: 21 August 2009

BEMF Inaugural meeting: 21 August 2009
Presentations by:

  • Legal Implications of Failures in in Health Budgeting – Adila Hassim
  • Case Study: Budget Irregularities and Shortfalls in the Free State – Brian Honermann
  • Long Term Costs and Implications for Sustainable Budgeting – Susan Cleary
  • The Budget Process & Power Brokers: How to Influence It/Them – Alison Hickey Tshangana
  • National AIDS Spending Assessments – Nhlanhla Ndlovu
  • Tools for Community Monitoring of Budgets and Expenditures – Nhlanhla Ndlovu

Budget and Expenditure Monitoring Forum

The Budget and Expenditure Monitoring Forum (BEMF) is a group of civil society organisations that monitors the National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS 2007-2011 (better known as the NSP).