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SECTION27's 2012 Audited Annual Financial Statements

SECTION27’s audited annual financial statements for the year 2012 have been released by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). We are proud to say the organisation received an unqualified audit statement.┬áSECTION27 2012 financial statements

Statement: SECTION27 welcomes the judgement from the Supreme Court of the United States in USAID vs AOSI

SECTION27 welcomes the judgment from the Supreme Court of the United States in USAID v AOSI. The judgment declared a law making the denunciation of sex work a requirement to be eligible to receive funding from the US to combat HIV an unconstitutional violation of the right to freedom of speech. The judgment opens the door for much needed and previously prohibited work to realize the rights of sex workers and other people living with HIV or at risk of becoming infected with HIV.

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Sanitation is recognised as a human right by the United Nations. Yet last week at the World Toilet Summit in Durban it was reported that one billion people lack proper toilets. Many are in South Africa. In fact, to discover…