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The right to food in South Africa: SPII launches report

As of last year, there were 14 million South Africans who had inadequate or severely inadequate access to food. Hunger is a reality that many South Africans will face unless the right to food is realised soon. The Studies in…

The Protection of Information Bill is unconstitutional and anti-democratic

Joint SECTION27/TAC statement

Transparent governance, free expression and a free press are essential components of democracy. They are the means by which all people in South Africa, especially the vulnerable and poor, can hold our government to account. Our effectiveness at getting the state to implement HIV treatment and prevention programmes has been dependent on the Constitution being upheld, especially the Bill of Rights.

SECTION27's written submission to Parliament on the State Liability Amendment Bill [B 2–2001]

SECTION27 recently made a written submission to Parliament on the State Liability Amendment Bill [B 2–2001]. In short, SECTION27 supports how the Bill seeks to regulate the manner in which a final court order sounding in money against the state must be satisfied – it sees the Bill as being squarely in line with the decisions of the Constitutional Court in Nyathi v MEC for Department of Health, Gauteng and Another [2008] ZACC 8 (“Nyathi 1”) and Minister for Justice and Constitutional Development v Nyathi [2009] ZACC 29 (“Nyathi 2”) dealing with the unconstitutionality of section 3 of the State Liability Act 20 of 1957 and how it is to be remedied.

Submission on the Draft Regulations to the Social Assistance Act, 2011

On 14 February 2011, SECTION27 made a written submission on the Department of Social Development’s Draft Regulations under the Social Assistance Act, 2004 (“Draft Regulations”). The Draft Regulations deal with the appeal procedure for aggrieved applicants for social assistance, first to the South African Social Security Agency (“SASSA”) and then to the Independent Tribunal for Appeals (“Tribunal”).
SECTION27 recommended certain procedural and substantive changes to the Draft Regulations that are important for the realisation of the right to social assistance guaranteed by section 27 of the Constitution.

Malawian court's cruel sentence

Leading activist organisations have condemned the cruel sentence by a Malawian magistrate imposed on Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, two men (one of whom is transgender and identifies as a woman) because they held a public engangement. They have been sentenced to 14 years in hard labour.