+ Mark Heywood

Make private healthcare more accessible

SECTION27’s submission to the Health Market Inquiry In its submission to the Health Market Inquiry into the private healthcare sector, SECTION27 discusses the importance of an evidence-based analysis of the merits of price regulation within in the health care sector….

No reconciliation with corruption

No Reconciliation with Corruption! Nelson Mandela Bridge at 10am – Noon Wednesday 16th December Monday 14 December, 2015, Johannesburg: The Unite Against Corruption (UAC) campaign confirms that the peoples’ gathering on Nelson Mandela Bridge is going ahead. We call upon all those affected by…

TAC’s Quest for Equality

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) has been recognised as one of the most effective social movements in post-apartheid South Africa. Among other things, it is responsible for the world’s largest programme to provide anti-retroviral treatment to people with HIV through…

Defending our Constitution

Several hundred South Africans gathered at the Constitutional Court on Friday 7 August to form a human chain, symbolising the people of South Africa protecting Chapter 9 institutions, which act as the safe guard of the rights and freedoms of…

Remembering Michael Komape

SECTION27 and Basic Education For All (BEFA) commemorated the first anniversary of the death of Michael Komape on Tuesday 20 January 2015. Michael, a Grade R pupil, drowned in a pit toilet at his school in Chebeng village, Limpopo in 2014….