+ Mark Heywood

Political party funding: Who pays the Piper? Who calls the tune?

In less than four months, in compliance with our Constitution’s injunction that gives “every citizen has the right to free, fair and regular elections for any legislative body established in terms of the Constitution” the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) will…

SWOP Breakfast meeting presentation on the NDP

The Executive Director of SECTION27, Mark Heywood, gave a presentation at the SWOP Breakfast meeting on “The missing link – Using the Constitution to advance development.  Do we need a development plan at all?”. He argued that the Constitution ought…

Open Letter to MEC for Health Mr Hope Papo

SECTION27 and the TAC sent an open letter to the Gauteng MEC of Health yesterday. Parts of it were published in “The Star” newspaper. Click “Read More” to access the full version.