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Jali Commission enquiry into HIV/AIDS in prisons, 2004 (Supplementary Submission)

The ALP and Treatment Action Campaign made a submission to the Jali Commission in March 2004 entitled “HIV/AIDS in Prison: Treatment, Intervention, and Reform” [NOTE: LINK TO EARLIER SUBMISSION]. The submission dealt with the origins and causes of HIV infection in prisons, HIV prevalence in prisons, the HIV/AIDS policy of the Department of Correctional Services, including early release, and finally made recommendations, including several on the early release of prisoners with HIV/AIDS.

Preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission in South Africa

Background, strategies and outcomes of the treatment action campaign case against the Minister of Health (2004) 19(2) South African Journal of Human Rights 278 by Mark Heywood Preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission in South Africa

Debunking “Conglomo talk”

A case study of the amicus curiae as an instrument for advocacy, investigation and mobilization (2001) 5(2) Law , Democracy and Development 133 by Mark Heywood debunkingConglomotalk.pdf