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Dolutegravir, new HIV drug

HIV drugs: Dolutegravir, the new kid on the block Nomatter Ndebele, NSP Review journalist As the fight against HIV/AIDS continues, researchers and health clinicians are looking towards a future that will see low to middle income countries having access to…

Second SECTION27 submission on Draft Zero of the NSP

This is the second submission that SECTION27 is making on the draft National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV & AIDS, STIs and TB (Draft Zero for Consultation (“Draft Zero”)). The first submission considered the overall structure of Draft Zero; this…

First SECTION27 submission on Draft Zero of the NSP

This submission is one of three that SECTION27 is making on Draft Zero of the National Strategic Plan on HIV & AIDS, STIs and TB, 2012-2016. In contrast to the other two, which focus on specific substantive issues, this submission…

Green Paper on National Strategic Planning

In response to a call for input on the Green Paper: National Strategic Planning, the ALP recently made a submission to the Presidency and Parliament’s Ad Hoc Committee on the Green Paper on National Strategic Planning. The ALP’s interest in making this submission stems from its commitment to defend and enforce human rights and to ensure that the state discharges its constitutional obligations in accordance with its democratic mandate and the rule of law.

Draft National Strategic Plan, 2007

We welcome the opportunity to comment on the draft NSP 5-year plan. Although we are aware that the Chief Director: HIV/AIDS and STDs has requested only short inputs (“not essays”) the complexity of the plan, and its importance to South Africa, has required the detailed response below. In addition, whilst working on this submission a further draft (dated 14 November 2006) has been made available. However, most of the points we deal with below remain relevant.