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Bonitas: Medical schemes are expensive

In the final sitting of this general round of public hearings, the Panel heard from Improved Clinical Pathways Services, Bonitas Medical Fund and the Chiropractors Association of South Africa. Bonitas: “we [medical schemes] are all expensive to be quite honest” …

Apply healthcare regulation locally

Brain Ruff, the founder of PPO Serve Integrated Clinical Consortia, a consultancy of healthcare professionals, presented to the Health Market Inquiry on 17 May 2016. He indicated that he had academic experience and had worked for Discovery Health for 16…

Radiologists ask panel for help on pricing

The Health Market Inquiry panel has its work cut out to determine the true state of pricing in the private healthcare sector. This week’s public hearings concluded with submissions from the Radiological Society of South Africa (RSSA) and Mediscor PBM….