Monday 17 June

The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) released a report authored by Nicholas Spaull titled “South Africa’s Education Crisis: The Quality of Education in South Africa 1994 – 2011″.  ”the aim of this report is to provide an empirical overview of the quality of education in South Africa since the transition to democracy and, in doing so, comment on the state of the country’s education system. It will become increasingly clear that the weight of evidence supports the conclusion that there is an on-going crisis in South African education, and that the current system is failing the majority of South Africa’s youth. By using a variety of independently conducted assessments of pupil achievement the report shows that – with the exception of a wealthy minority – most South African pupils cannot read, write and compute at grade-appropriate levels, with large proportions being functionally illiterate and innumerate.”

Spaull 2013 CDE report- South Africas Education Crisis