Sunday 19 May
On 16 October 2015, the Competition Commission published an amended Terms of Reference for the Market Inquiry into the Private Health Care Sector. While the scope of the health inquiry remains unchanged, the amendment indicates that the health inquiry will be completed by 15 December 2016 instead of the original completion date of 30 November 2015. This means that the final inquiry report, which may include recommendations, will be completed by 15 December 2016. Because of the new completion date, the Commission also published a revised Administrative Timetable. Key dates for participation in the health inquiry are set out below.
The all-important public hearings will now commence on 1 February 2016 and conclude by 31 May 2016. Before the commencement of the hearings, registration to make oral submissions will re-open, a schedule will be prepared, adequate notice will be given to stakeholders and pre-hearing consultations will be conducted. Before the public hearings process is concluded by 31 May 2016, non-confidential audio recordings and transcripts will be published. By 5 August 2016, a provisional report will be published and stakeholders will have until 16 September 2016 to comment on the provisional report.
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