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Campaign Contents

  • Introduction
  • Guide for adolescents
  • Realising #SRHR in South Africa
  • Let’s talk #SRHR
  • #SRHR workshops


In South Africa, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights are enshrined in section 27 of the Constitution and are afforded to everyone. #SRHR encompass an important group of human rights and include the right to define your sexuality; the right to receive confidential, respectful and high-quality services; the right to education, including the right to comprehensive sexuality education. Many other rights form part of the right to sexual and reproductive health, which you will learn more about on this site.

While sexual reproductive health rights are provided for in the prescripts of the law, still many people do not know what these rights entail. For adolescents, accurate information on #SRHR and access to sexual and reproductive health services is often limited. In response to this situation, SECTION27 has put together the following comprehensive guide on #SRHR for adolescents.

A guide for adolescents

Realising #SRHR in South Africa

#SRHR speaks to the rights of all human beings: to be who you are.

Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng: United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health

27. (1) Everyone has the right to have access to— (a) health care services, including reproductive health care.

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa

Our #SRHR workshops with schools in South Africa has revealed that many young people experience infringements of their #SRHR. Often, when young people go to local health facilities to enquire and access contraceptives, safe abortion services and other sexual and reproductive health services, they are turned back and told they are “too young to think about or have sex.” In addition, in some traditions and cultures, conversations about sex are discouraged. The result of these experiences has often been fatal for young people who turned to unregulated health practitioners for abortion and others who could only rely on unchecked facts about their sexual and reproductive health.

The following animations have been developed to portray some of the experiences and realities of young people in relation to their sexual reproductive health rights with the aim of reassuring adolescents that they are entitled to #SRHR.

Let’s talk #SRHR

Our campaign to promote the realisation of #SRHR in South Africa includes ongoing discussions on various local community stations presented in the various South African languages and covering different #SRHR topics. Tune into the SECTION27 podcast channel to hear more.

#SRHR workshops

Our work on advancing #SRHR includes ongoing workshops with learners in schools, members of traditional formation and local AIDS councils. In these workshops, we train participantsnts on their #SRHR using our #SRHR guide. Below is a preview of previous workshops. If you would like to enquire about our #SRHR workshops, contact us on 011 356 4100.