Friday 12 July

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South Africa urgently needs a health system that equitably provides access to healthcare for all. For over a decade, SECTION27 has been committed to health system reform, working closely with the government to ensure the NHI Bill addresses this critical need. Unfortunately, the current NHI Bill presents several legal and practical issues that could hinder its success and undermine the right to access healthcare.

Our main concerns include the NHI Fund’s governance, which is vulnerable to corruption and political interference, the exclusion of asylum seekers and undocumented individuals, lack of transparency in procurement processes, and the exclusion of civil society from key NHI Fund committees. Additionally, the Bill introduces untested structures that may lead to duplication and increased costs, alongside weak transitional provisions.

In 2019, we saw significant progress with the NHI Bill being opened for public comment. SECTION27 hosted workshops and led civil society meetings across provinces to develop a unified strategy. On October 4, 2019, we gathered 59 participants from 24 organizations to discuss the NHI. Alongside the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), we submitted a well-received proposal to Parliament on November 29, 2019, endorsed by 12 civil society organizations, highlighting key areas of concern and advocating for essential changes to the NHI Bill.

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