Tuesday 28 May

A long overdue transformation to the basic education sector



News24 | City Press
Zeenat Sujee and Fatima Laher

The reinforcement of homeschooling regulations through the Basic Education Law Amendment (BELA), which is currently before lawmakers, is a welcome development.

This regulatory framework ensures that learners are safeguarded and their fundamental right to basic education is firmly established.

To ensure the safety and well-being of the learner, parents need to exercise caution when engaging the services of a tutor, competent assessor, or any other individual. In this regard, it is strongly recommended that parents take specific precautions, such as vetting the prospective educator.

This should involve verification of the person against Part B of the National Child Protection Register, a register that includes persons who are unsuitable to work with children. By taking these precautions, parents contribute to creating a secure and protective learning environment for their children.

Thus, when looking at options for the child’s education, parents must be cognisant of the law, and is permitted.  Where learners are attending private institutions, parents must ensure that the rights of their children will be protected and they will receive an adequate education and not be harmed in any way.