Friday 19 July

In South Africa, the constitution says that access to healthcare is a human right. But many young people are turned away from clinics when they try to get contraceptives, condoms, or abortions. Many young people have questions about their bodies, health and rights. Many have experienced violence and do not know where to go for help.

SECTION27 is working with young people to fight for human rights, and ensure that youth can get the services and information they need to live healthy, empowered lives. We believe that an empowered youth powers the community.

If you have difficulties accessing to contraceptives, abortion, or other sexual and reproductive health services, you can contact SECTION27 on 0607540751 and we will try to assist you!

Helpful resources

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights booklet

A resource about adolescent sexual and reproductive health rights, including information about contraceptives, termination of pregnancy, HIV and STIs, puberty and more.

Managing sexual violence: a guide for adolescents

This document provides communities and learners with a step by step guide for how to identify and report incidents of sexual violence against children.

Animated videos

Community radio campaign – November 2022

This continues SECTION27’s work to educate young people and communities about sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) and sexual violence. We are partnering with four community radio stations, trying to give young people information that can help them lead healthy and empowered lives. We work in schools across districts in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape, and want to harness the power of community radio to engage with the communities that surround the schools that we work in.

Tune in! SECTION27 staff will be having conversations about SRHR and sexual violence on air, on Khanya FM, Alfred Nzo Community Radio, Giyani Community Radio and Vision FM over the month of November! Click on the images below to stream the stations off your browser.


These programmes were co-funded by the European Union. Their contents are the sole responsibility of SECTION27 and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union. The European Union supports SECTION27 and the Centre for Child Law’s work in enhancing accountability in health and education in South Africa.