Since 15 June 2013, I’ve headed up the Communications and Advocacy section and also edited a publication called Spotlight which is a joint project between us and the Treatment Action Campaign.

The “Comms” section is a busy, bustling, crisis-slaying, adrenalin-filled, creative space where we take the work our wonderful colleagues do in conjunction with communities and clients and tell the world about it. We don’t do this to blow our own horn, but to try and be part of the pushing for solutions and a better world.

Spotlight focuses on the state of our health system, we publish two hard copies every year, but have a website which ticks over every so often.

I stick around because working in this field lights a fire in your belly. If you can’t live with injustice, then this is a good place to jump in and roll up your sleeves. The perks include working with an amazing bunch of committed people.

Before SECTION27, I worked for a number of community newspapers and daily newspapers, including The Star where I was a crime and political reporter. I worked for most of my life at Health-e News Service where we reported on the state of our health system, a big chunk of which was taken up by the AIDS denialist years where I was lucky to work closely with activists who are now my Comrades and Compatriots. I am a journalist and will die a journalist.