I started working at SECTION27 on 1 October 2018

I am an attorney in the Health Team. I am involved in litigation, advocacy and training. My main focus areas are private healthcare and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). We are working towards achieving greater access to reasonably affordable services and provision of core services to all, especially the youth and other marginalised societal groups.

The work we do is meaningful for our clients, the wider community and ourselves. The struggle for social justice is ongoing and a healthy healthcare system and society are critical in achieving social justice.

I was admitted an attorney in 2014, having completed my articles of clerkship with Hay & Scott Attorneys, a boutique commercial firm in Pietermaritzburg. Whilst at Hay & Scott Attorneys, I was invited to join the board of a local NGO and to serve on the council of my local parish. The communities served by each were vastly different but diverse and it is these volunteer positions that have allowed me a better understanding of issues of accessing basic and social services notwithstanding the developments in our law.