I started working with SECTION27 on 13 August 2012. I am working as a Community Mobiliser with a focus on Education

I organise workshops, meetings and campaigns for education work and for BEFA; I collect information from the school that are experiencing service delivery challenged and submit it to my supervisor or researchers. I strengthen BEFA through leadership, advocacy, coordination and organising meetings and events.

I stick around at SECTION27 because I have a passion for the work I do and I love what I am doing for the community. I will stick in my job until each and every learner in Limpopo schools receive quality and comprehensive Basic Education, until their right to quality and Free Education is realised by the Department of Basic Education and Limpopo Department of Education. Until all schools receive proper infrastructure and facilities according to the Norms and Standard for School Infrastructure.

Before coming to SECTION27, I was active in politics since 1989 when I was at secondary school and I became the first Chairperson of ANCYL in Rodgers Shiviti branch and served two terms. I also served as the Secretary of the ANC at the same branch. I’ve served my community as a ward community member. In 2004 I joined TAC and served at different structures as a leader from the district to the province. I have also work in Treatment Literacy from 2006 to 2010. I am a SGB deputy chairperson of Mafumani Secondary School at Homu 14A. In 2014 I was elected to serve as a Provincial Chairperson of Limpopo Civil Society Forum and automatically became Deputy Chair of Limpopo Provincial AIDS Council. I am a born again Christian since 2000 and I am serving as an asher and a translator in preaching the word of God at Unity of Faith Church. I don’t fear people but I respect people and above all I love my family and my God and I fear God most.