SECTION27 comment on DBE Draft National policy on HIV and TB and Draft Regulations on Minimum Norms and Standards

This week SECTION27  made written submissions on two important National Department of Basic Education draft policy documents: Regulations Relating to Minimum Norms and Standards for Public School Infrastructure and its National Policy on…

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SECTION27 Submission to Lotteries Board to Fund Social Justice Work

On 22 May 2012, SECTION27 responded to the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) call for submissions to assist the NLDTF in developing its funding priorities. SECTION27 dealt with the NLDTF funding practices and priorities in the submission and recommended that social justice and human rights programmes be prioritised for funding by the NLDTF in the next funding period. SECTION27 made this submission because we believe that this work is critically important in a participatory democracy and because there are statutory and constitutional obligations to fund this work and ensure its sustainability.

This submission is endorsed by: AIDS Foundation of South Africa, Atlantic Philanthropies, Equal Education,, RAITH Foundation, Rural Health Advocacy Project and Sonke Gender Justice.

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Submission on the draft National Health Amendment Bill, 2011

SECTION27 made a submission to the Department of Health on 22 April 2011 on the draft National Health Amendment Bill, 2011 (“the draft Bill”). In so doing, it recognised the publication of the draft Bill as the first legislative step towards the establishment of a single, accountable and structurally and operationally independent Office of Health Standards Compliance (“Office”) with jurisdiction over the private sector and the public sector at all spheres of government. Importantly, however, SECTION27’s submission came to the conclusion that the proposed Office, as contemplated by the draft Bill, does not have an adequate level of structural and operational autonomy. SECTION27 is of the view that the proposed mandate of the Office cannot be discharged effectively unless it has an adequate level of structural and operational autonomy.

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