Daniel McLaren

Budget Analyst

I started working at SECTION27 on 01 November 2017

I work as a Budget Analyst. That means I analyse how government generates, allocates and spends public money, in light of its constitutional obligations to ensure equality, redress and the realisation of socio-economic rights. I do this through a combination of research and advocacy and by ensuring that SECTION27 plays a leading role in collaborative civil society initiatives on budget related issues. These include IMALI YETHU and the Budget Expenditure Monitoring Forum, as well as ad-hoc initiatives such as the campaign against the VAT hike in 2018 and longer-term campaigns for better allocations and spending on health and education in particular.

I stick around because the energy, drive and dynamism of the people who work at SECTION27 is somewhat infectious (and dangerously addictive).

After a period working for two environmental and human rights organisations in rural Zimbabwe, I completed an MPhil in Human Rights Law at UCT in 2014 while working as a Research Intern at the Legal Resources Centre. However, my most formative experience was at Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute in Johannesburg, where I worked as a Senior Researcher until 2017.

I love playing football and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.