Samantha Brener


 I started working at SECTION27 on 25 May 2018

I’m an education attorney. My job involves researching cases, liaising with clients and experts, drafting letters  and court papers, engaging with the media on our campaigns. I also spend a lot of time strategizing with the team, staying in the loop in respect of developments in education, law, and human rights more broadly, and drinking many cups of tea.

 I stay because SECTION27 gives me the opportunity (and in fact, the privilege) of applying my long-standing interest in impactful law directly to our cases to achieve social changes through strategic litigation. Plus, it’s a great work environment – people care deeply about our goals, as well as for each other, and that’s a pretty lucky position to find myself in.

 In 2011, I clerked at the Constitutional Court for Justice Johan Froneman. When my stint at the Court ended, I packed up and spent three months backpacking through Latin America. Then I spent some time at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr, first as a CA and then as an attorney. In 2016, I joined the Legal Resources Centre as an education researcher, before moving to the desk I now occupy.