Sibongile Mtshelu

Executive Assistant

I started at SECTION27 on 23 April 2018.

I am the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director and Deputy Director and also support the EXCO members when necessary. My duties also include facilitating major meetings like Board Meetings and EXCO meetings. My expertise include draft reporting, preparing and formatting information for internal and external distribution. My qualifications include a New Venture Creation Diploma, Project Management Diploma, Social Media Qualification and a few other short courses. I also try to make sure that those I work closely with function in their position with greatest of ease. Luckily this is my passion!

I stick around because of what SECTION27 stands for. My convictions, I believe are the same as this organisation. I am very passionate in being a catalyst that brings change to ordinary citizens especially the poor and vulnerable. I have always aspired to be a social worker as a young girl, and I believe that in some ways I am able to provide social services to my fellow South Africans. I also stick around because of the passion and determination of those who work here, there is a great team that works hard and goes the extra mile, it’s a team that works so well together having a vision and in most cases that vision is realised. I stick around because I believe at the end of the day, I have done what is required of me and that is satisfactory!

I have been an Executive assistant for almost 7 years, having worked with very respected and high level executives. I believe that is how I harnessed my work ethic. Before that I started out as a Receptionist – I believe this is one of the most difficult and the most underrated positions in most organisations. I learned so much being a Receptionist because I saw that as an opportunity to represent my then organisation the best way possible. Before then I was a Student advisor at college and also one of the first students to complete a Business Diploma (New Venture Creation), these few qualifications I have and one of those I enjoyed most. But in a nutshell, I am a friendly hardworking young woman from a small Township in the Westrand called Kagiso, who comes from a small and very warm family. I was always encouraged by my parents (who still do) to become whatever I want to be. That is the same advice and teachings we want to instill in my little girl.