Wednesday 22 May


Mission Statement

ALP staff, students and volunteers in 2004


Overview and Outcomes

Legal and Advocacy Campaigns

  • Using the law to ensure access to health care services for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Legal interventions to ensure implementation of the Operational Plan
  • Ensuring a sustainable supply of affordable medicines
  • Supporting the TAC’s campaign for a People’s Health Service
  • Using the law to uphold ethics and accountability in health care provision
  • Using the law to protect vulnerable workers from discrimination
  • Using the law to protect the rights of children to access medical treatment and HIV testing
  • Using the law to protect rights to privacy and confidentiality and freedom of expression

Legal Advice, Education and Information Services

Policy Submissions and Research Reports

Project Management and Administration

Appendix A: Presentations and papers of workshops, seminars and conferences

Appendix B: Publications by staff members

Appendix C: Positions held by staff

Download the ALP Annual Review: 2004 (PDF)