Saturday 15 June

India’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) recently published a discussion paper on compulsory licensing and made a call for interested parties to make submissions.  On 7 October 2010, SECTION27 made a submission, the purpose of which is threefold:

  • first, to draw the attention of the DIPP to the South African experience in using competition law to ensure the market entry of generic competition in the pharmaceutical sector;
  • second, to draw to the DIPP’s attention other examples of how competition law has been used in South Africa to increase access to medicines;
  • and third, to share lessons learnt in South Africa regarding the appropriate role of competition law in the field of pharmaceutical patents and drug access.

SECTION27 submission to the DIPP

DIPP discussion paper

tralac Working Paper (No 12/2006) by Avafia, Berger and Hartzenberg

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