Tuesday 28 May

SECTION27 has sent a request to the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Health, reqesting him to investigate alleged violations of the right to health against the State of Qatar.

In October 2010, “MR” was employed by Al Jazeera English as a Senior Editor and moved to Qatar. Following severe discrimination and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment by both Al Jazeera and Qatar, MR was detained by Qatari authorities, and then unfairly dismissed by Al Jazeera and deported from Qatar in January 2011. The reason for his detention, dismissal and deportation was his HIV status. This is a direct violation of the right to health and cannot be condoned.

SECTION27 has previously requested the members of the South African delegation to the International Labour Organisation to lodge a complaint against the State of Qatar for breach of its labour obligations. This complaint to the Special Rapporteur focuses more generally on the right to health.

Complaint to Special Rapporteur