Thursday 13 June
Want to know how much money is going to be spent on salaries for teachers in KwaZulu-Natal for the next year?
OR how much money will go towards treating TB in Gauteng?
The National Treasury has just published all the budget information for the year ahead on its website for everyone to access. You can find out where the government intends to spend money in your own province by clicking here.
BEMF welcomes the speedy uploading of this budget information. In order to effectively monitor government spending at a national and provincial level, it is crucial that we know where the money is intended to be spent over the next 12 months – particularly in areas like health, education, housing, gender equality and so forth.
The information provided by National Treasury will help us to monitor government spending in our Provinces and take action where spending is not delivering the essential services that we need. 
It also clearly shows us what our elected representatives in each Province see as priority areas in Rands and Cents.
BEMF calls on the National and Provincial Treasuries to upload the Estimate of Provincial Revenue and Expenditure in Excel format similar to the National Budget to ensure easier access of the budget information for research and training purposes.
Please go to the National Treasury Website to access the following documents:  Click HERE
1. Provincial Budget Speeches
2. Provincial Appropriation Bills
3. Provincial Appropriation Acts (Not available at this time)
4. Estimates of Provincial Revenue and Expenditure
5. Guide to the Budget
6. Provincial Allocations in terms of Section 30(2) of the 2014 Division of Revenue Act

For a more comprehensive description of  the importance of the Provincial Budget Speeches, Appropriation Bills, Appropriation Acts, Estimates of Provincial Revenue and Expenditure, Guide to the Budget please read The Open Budget Index Guide to Transparency in Government Budget Reports: Why are Budget Reports Important, and What Should They Include. 
Click HERE to access. 

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