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#30Yearsin30Days | Week 1 | 01 – 05 November


Day 1: #30yearsin30days

Join us as we commemorate SECTION27’s 30th anniversary. Today marks the start of SECTION27’s month-long campaign, celebrating 30 years of fighting for social justice and human rights. Keep an eye on our socials as we share our history and achievements over the years this November.

#30yearsin30days #30yearsofsocialjustice.

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Day 2: #30yearsin30days

Follow this three-part catchup with #LifeEsidimeni Committee representative, Christine Nxumalo, who relates the harrowing ordeal of her sister, Virginia and 140 others who died in the care of the public health care system from neglect and starvation in 2016.

The pursuit of justice for them is ongoing, with a judicial inquest into the tragedy having just been concluded.

The inquest is a crucial step in holding those responsible for the deaths accountable.


PART 2 | Christine Nxumalo details the painstaking process in recovering her sister, Virginia’s remains. The last resort was getting SAPS to facilitate the release of her sister’s body from the mortuary in Atteridgeville, Pretoria.


PART 3 | Christine Nxumalo continues to fight for her sister and the 140 other #LifeEsidimeni patients who died in public health care facilities in 2016.

Their lives and stories matter.  


Day 3: #30Yearsin30Days

The landmark Limpopo Textbook case was the genesis of the Education Rights programme for SECTION27. The Department of Basic Education was ordered to deliver outstanding textbooks after infringing on learners’ rights to basic education, #equality and #dignity, which amounted to unfair discrimination.

#TextBooksMatter #30yearsofsocialjustice

The Limpopo Textbooks case marked a historic success, paving way for all South African children to access quality education, (tag @RediThlabi), who is passionate about literacy had this to say:  


A passionate advocate for quality education. Margie played a crucial role in the #TextbooksMatter campaign, emphasising the importance of providing books to all children. 


Day 4: #30Yearsin30Days

Former budget analyst, Daniel McLaren, was instrumental in kickstarting the budget programme at SECTION27. Passionate about social justice he said that understanding the interplay between human rights & budget is vital for advocacy. 


SECTION27’s Budget researcher, Matshidiso Lencoasa, is a dynamic female voice in the budget space, and is passionate about advancing fiscal policy and interventions. 


Day 5: #30Yearsin30Days

Meet SECTION27’s Advice Office paralegal, Thembi Mahlathi, who’s not only a friendly face but also an empathetic ear. She provides support to clients at SECTION27. Look out for parts 2 & 3.


PART 2 | As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, we had an up close and personal catchup with Advice Office paralegal, Thembi Mahlathi. Look out for part 3 with @Kholofelo Mphahlele. 


PART 3 | Meet our paralegal, @Kholo21, the pivotal link between our clients and attorneys at the Advice Office. She provides knowledge to empower people seeking assistance to assert their rights. 


Day 6: #30Yearsin30Days

For 30 years, SECTION27 has championed #AccesstoMeds

Now we are involved in what could be a groundbreaking case for affordable access to medicines in South Africa. 

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Southern Africa, both represented by SECTION27 filed papers in the Pretoria High Court to intervene as amici curiae (friends of the court) in a compulsory license application for access to a lifesaving drug to treat #cysticfibrosis, called Trikafta.

Cystic fibrosis patient, Cheri Nel brought a case against an American pharmaceutical company, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc, that patented Trikafta, a life saving drug exorbitantly priced at R5 million.


WATCH | Former SECTION27 Legal Researcher, Baone Twala explain what a compulsory license is.

Day 7: #30Yearsin30Days

The Education Handbook, a legal literacy tool, is the legacy project of Dr Faranaaz Veriava, Head of the Education Rights Programme at SECTION27.  

The project was a collaboration between partner organisations which serves to empower communities, school governing bodies, principals, teachers, and learners to understand education law and policy, when learners’ rights have been violated and what steps are required to protect learner’s rights.