Monday 22 April

Curator Appointed for Unaccompanied Children at the Central Methodist Church

Today the AIDS Law Project, represented on a pro bono basis by Bowman Gilfillan Attorneys, was admitted as a party in the application for the appointment of Dr Ann Skelton as a curator ad litem to represent the interests of unaccompanied children living at the Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg. A curator ad litem is appointed by the Court to legally represent people where they are unable to represent themselves.

Justice and the Treatment Action Campaign by Mark Heywood

It is a terrible irony that the need for an effective and ongoing response to the AIDS epidemic will be one of the defining legacies left to the ANC by a President who tried to deny the existence of HIV. It is also ironic that the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), an organization that Mbeki once branded as ‘flag carrier for pharmaceutical companies’, is heralded one of the few organizations that was able to force a complete overturn policy in an area defined and defended by himself, during his Presidency.

Green Paper on National Strategic Planning

In response to a call for input on the Green Paper: National Strategic Planning, the ALP recently made a submission to the Presidency and Parliament’s Ad Hoc Committee on the Green Paper on National Strategic Planning. The ALP’s interest in making this submission stems from its commitment to defend and enforce human rights and to ensure that the state discharges its constitutional obligations in accordance with its democratic mandate and the rule of law.

BEMF Inaugural meeting: 21 August 2009

BEMF Inaugural meeting: 21 August 2009
Presentations by:

  • Legal Implications of Failures in in Health Budgeting – Adila Hassim
  • Case Study: Budget Irregularities and Shortfalls in the Free State – Brian Honermann
  • Long Term Costs and Implications for Sustainable Budgeting – Susan Cleary
  • The Budget Process & Power Brokers: How to Influence It/Them – Alison Hickey Tshangana
  • National AIDS Spending Assessments – Nhlanhla Ndlovu
  • Tools for Community Monitoring of Budgets and Expenditures – Nhlanhla Ndlovu