Thursday 13 June

Landmark Con Court Nkandla Ruling

CONSTITUTIONAL COURT RULING AFFIRMS THE POWERS AND DUTIES OF ALL CHAPTER 9 INSTITUTIONS   1 APRIL 2016 SECTION27 welcomes the landmark ruling of the Constitutional Court in  Economic Freedom Fighters and Democratic Alliance v Speaker of the National Assembly and Others. The unanimous finding of the Constitutional Court that the Continue Reading

Read a copy of Mark Heywood’s article “Corruption has created its own political economy” published in the M&G today, 5 April 2013

On the edges of Dieplsoot stands a half complete municipal building. Once intended as a library and offices, it has been surrendered to decay before it even came to life. A few years ago it seemed to symbolise a governmental intent to recognise and modernise Diepsloot. Now it’s just an unexplained shell. A free brick and building parts store.