Friday 12 July

Health and Hope in Our Hands: Addressing HIV and AIDS in the aftermath of rape and woman abuse.

This manual offers hands-on advice for service providers, health providers, traditional healers, counsellors and activists on how to deal with rape and sexual assault, as well as to provide a comprehensive package of care to rape survivors. It focuses on post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, and living with HIV/AIDS amongst other topics.

We have tried to design this guide to help you get to the information you are looking for easily. The divider pages between sections have tabs so you can find the different sections quickly. We have also made space on the sides of each page for you to write your own notes or add information.

Rape survivors and women living in abusive relationships face many other challenges and difficulties over and above HIV and AIDS. This guide tries to give you a sense of the many issues women must deal with when they go for VCT or take PEP.Unfortunately, we have not been able to offer in-depth information on every issue that we cover. We hope the Contacts and resources section on pages 121 to 141 will help you where this guide cannot.

This is publication was a joint venture between the AIDS Law Project and the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR).

Health and Hope in Our Hands PDF (2004)