Wednesday 22 May

SECTION27, incorporating the AIDS Law Project will be offering a new certificate course with the Mandela Institute at Wits University. The course, HIV/AIDS and the Law, is designed to provide practical training for government officials, lawyers, activists, journalists and health care workers to improve their knowledge on current law, policies and guidelines as they relate to HIV and the history and politics of the struggle for recognition of the human rights of people living with HIV. The course will provide learners with a solid foundation on which to analyse and understand the implications of policies and the rights of individuals living with HIV and the possibilities for recourse under the Constitution and the laws of the country.

The course has been designed with a diverse audience in mind.  This is to ensure that participants will not only become familiar with the technical aspects of the subject matter, but also – in part through interaction with each other – develop a more robust and comprehensive understanding of the relationship between law and social justice in relation to HIV/AIDS.

The deadline for registration is 18 June 2010. The semester long course will be held on Tuesdays from 17:30 – 19:00 and runs from 12 July through 25 October 2010. The registration fee is R7 500.

Enquiries relating to the administration of the course can be sent to Magda Janse Van Noordwyk at

Enquiries relating to the substance of the course can be sent to Brian Honermann at

HIV/AIDS and the Law Course Information